we are all a lost generation joanna
half italian, half german/irish/welsh
phiily, PA
i belong to the city
born and raised in suburbia [215]
me gusta:
my baby (brother), shane, piercings, history, books, girls, boys, god, weed, making friends, menthol cigarettes, tattoos, cuddling, hello kitty, thrift stores, small shows, originality, revolutions, pop punk, one liners, more revolutions, & discovering good music/movies, especially records and vhs tapes

call me old fashioned, but i like who i'm becoming & i'm done letting anyone hold me back. too much ambition to sit still.

me choca:
*conceited guys& girls
**blatant disregard for feelings
**this government of ours
***any drug that is not a cig or weed

wish i was anywhere but here

"we accept the love we think we deserve" -the perks of being a wallflower

always forgive, never forget

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Anonymous said:
Every now and again I try to see how you're doing, but you appear to be completely off the grid. I hope all is well with you

its been awhile since i’ve logged on here, been back and forth a lot lately…back in pa working trying to get back into school and i very much appreciate the thought :] 

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A Softer World: 963

(I miss not having to pretend to like your family.)

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